Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials – You Can Learn to Scrapbook With Your Computer Too!

A rage in scrapbooking these days is scrapbooking with your computer; frequently referred to as digital scrapbooking. Once looked upon as an untrue form of scrapbooking back in 2003- it has now become VERY popular in the last five years. Given the progression of the Internet and computers; this is only natural; even traditional scrapbookers have begun to combine their form of scrapbooking with some digital downloads implemented into their layouts and projects.

Digital scrapbooking = no mess on your dining room table, no extra physical storage space, no cutting up your photos any more! Save all your layouts and supplies directly to your computer or external storage device. This leaves merely learning how to use your program of choice.

Various programs are used to create a digital scrapbook page but the most common programs used are: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, and Corel’s Paint Shop Pro. There are various pros and cons to each program, but many times a user is already familiar with one of the graphics programs already on their computer and need to only learn how to become comfortable using it for scrapbooking and various techniques to enhance their digitally created pages. If you don’t have one of these programs on your computer – never fear; you can install trial versions of all of them at their product websites:

Adobe Photoshop Trial

Adobe Photoshop Elements Trial

Corel Paint Shop Pro Trial []

One of the best ways to get started with digital scrapbooking is to follow along with videos or tutorials available online FREE. You can find one of the largest collections of video and text/pdf tutorials at Scrapbook-Bytes; especially for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, and Corel Paint Shop Pro.

Try it out; give it a whirl – I am sure you will love this form of scrapbooking!!!!