Review of the Corel Draw Graphics Suite X4

This 14th version of the Corel Draw Graphics Suite X4 is the perfect solution for those who want to play and edit graphics but find the Adobe Photoshop interface too complicated. I don’t want to badmouth Photo shop at all but it is a professional package that comes with a price tag and a manual of about 1000 pages. An investment of time and money that is just not necessary for an average user.

The Corel Package as it is now has more then enough functionality to do almost anything you can think of. Its interface is highly accessible, intuative and interactive for everyone. If you can use a word processor you can use this graphics suite.

Perhaps some people think of it as a negative but I like the high integration the package has with online services. Through ConceptShare users can work in an online workspace, which can be shared with other users. Then there is the WhatTheFont service that can online recognize fonts and letter types.

There is no alternative for Flash like web development. I think Corel made a mistake here because if this is one of your interests the package is not for you. It does limit the overall usability of the package, and that is a pity.

The functionality of Photo Paint, the second application in the suite is greatly enhanced and supports over 300 modern digital camera’s Its now easier than ever to work, play and edit with scanned documents as well. The package provides a good support for working with color histogram distributions, and is highly effective without all the hassle of working with professional packages.

Corel is not a market leader and can’t afford to limit its potential user base by using proprietary file systems or limit the import and export possibilities to other file types. This is a big pro Corel can even function as a great translator between programs using all sorts of file extensions.

Further the possibilities for Color control are increased and support for Adobe CMM is introduced.

To wrap it up, Corel has come up with a user friendly graphics suite for those who use these kind of programs to the level of semi-professional use. Because of the support of professional file formats it is a good tool to design and develop flyers, posters or brochures for personal or use in connection associations. On the minus site there is the lack of support for flash or flash like applications.

The Corel Draw Graphics Suite X4 is a program easily lives up to demands of the semi-professional jobs it was designed for.